Ivo Sasek : a ministry in danger

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Ivo Sasek, who lives in Switzerland, has an international teaching ministry. In his newsletter, dated January 2006 (no. 37), he claims to be the one and only future leader of world Christianity.
 » Christ has already used me to introduce the practical outworking of the organic walk. He now wants all those who wish to follow this path to go forward, united under my authority…Whoever is of God will hear my voice and follow me. Whoever does not follow what I am teaching and living, is not following the present direction for the global body… That’s the way it is : God desires only me in this role. If anyone is of God, he will recognize His voice now. No-one who belongs to God can reject what I am saying…My work, and all that I have to say, concerns the whole body of Christ. This is » the » current direction for the whole body ».

Tired of being under fire, Ivo Sasek has obviously now decided to justify himself. He is retaliating against those who do not agree with him – which is of no real concern to us – but he has also decided to THREATEN them. There are several things in this letter which, when we consider that they come from someone who claims to be a man of God, sound very ominous, such as : threats, curses, fear, glorification of the leader and his message, as well as the very sectarian insinuation of :  » without me, there is no salvation « .
In his newsletter, in the paragraph entitled  » whoever rejects me rejects Christ « , it says :

 » Before God, I am not lying. I am telling the truth : Whoever rejects me and my name is, in so doing, rejecting Christ. No-one on earth can disregard what is written in my books and what is said in my cassettes and CD’s « . 
This statement is perfectly biblical. It is the implication behind Jesus’ words in Luke 10:16, « The one who listens to you listens to Me, and the one who rejects you rejects Me ; and he who rejects Me rejects the One who sent Me « . In reality, however, no one ever puts this into practice. To do so would immediately imply the superiority of the one speaking, and that is why men of God normally avoid doing so. It is far better for them to pray for those opposing them, quietly accepting to be treated no better than their Master ( John 15:20 ), because this attitude brings blessing ( Matt. 5:10-11 ).
Jesus’ statement relates clearly to the context of the preaching of the Gospel and to the proclamation of His divinity, not to the teaching of believers in the body of Christ. And yet, Ivo Sasek addresses the Christian world, and particularly those who are dissatisfied.

It is understandable that the true messengers of God’s grace are  » to the one an aroma from death to death, to the other an aroma from life to life « ( 2 Corinthians 2: 6 ). In the bringing of the true Life, they could be justified in declaring :  » The one who rejects me as a messenger of God’s grace, rejects the One who sent me « , but it would not be at all valid in the case of a message of edification. Christ is by no means  » rejected » by the Christian who does not understand a teaching , or who is prisoner of some sort of bondage. Jesus did not consider that the rich young man had rejected him. He simply explained that for this type of person the entry into the Kingdom of Heaven would be difficult, (or even impossible, if they relied on their own merits), without His ultimate sacrifice and « lifting up », so that all men could be drawn to Himself.
The rejection of Christ, like blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, is the result of deliberate choice. It is a wilful desire to oppose Christ and to take up a contrary position. God is just, and will not consider our mistakes as a rejection of Him, or as blasphemy.
For example, Paul says : « Demas, having loved this world, has deserted me  » ( 2 Timothy 4:10 ). He doesn’t say that Demas has deserted…the Lord. When, in the book of Revelations, Jesus says to the believers of Ephesus,  » I have this against you, that you have left your first love « , He does not imply that they have therefore rejected Him. It is clear that, despite its biblical appearance, Ivo Sasek’s self-claim in citing this passage is totally wrong. He uses an element of truth, but without respecting its Spirit.

« No-one who truly belongs to God can reject me. »
When Paul of Tarsus, the apostle to the Gentiles, ran into difficulties with those opposing his teachings, he wisely said  » if you don’t agree with us on this subject, then God will show you». Ivo Sasek, however, deals with the problem by rigid thought-control : true believers cannot possibly reject me. The innuendo is clear : if you acknowledge me, you are one of the elect. In amongst all the errors, a central phrase seems to shine out : « if you want to belong to God, then accept me. Accept wholeheartedly my message and follow me « …
It is all too apparent that those who follow this path will do so at their own risk. They are required to give up their free will, renounce other people’s counsel and ignore the exhortation to « test the spirits » (1 John 4:1 ). Instead, they must totally trust the « spiritual guide » and his inspired message.
This marks the end of the spirit of the Berean disciples, and the beginning of the well-known sectarian dogma of infallible leadership.

 » Up until now God has just as strongly linked my name and my ministry to the development of this work to re-establish the organic life in practice, as He associated John the Baptist’s name to the first coming of Jesus. I am not saying this with a presumptuous heart, but in true humility. I am not saying this for myself, but for you, so that you fully understand what this means. Whoever belongs to God, will hear my voice and follow me. « 

Ivo Sasek’s claims represent a path of reasoning which, unless rapidly abandoned, will inevitably lead him up a blind alley. Men of God never need to preach themselves ( Proverbs 25:27 ). We represent neither our own work, nor a particular ministry. We represent God’s work and we work for God’s glory, not our own. The underlying theme implied in this newsletter is the importance, the pre-eminence, and, to put it clearly, the glory of Ivo Sasek himself, not only today, but especially in the future.
By promoting himself to the highest level of Christianity and by placing the « crown » on his own head, Ivo Sasek is putting himself in a very dangerous position.
To continue claiming that he is acting out of « humility » would be utter blindness ! The thoughts that he is at present expressing have certainly been maturing in his heart for a long time. In the paragraph under the heading  » epilogue for slanderers « , he says :

 » I have resisted God for nearly 3 decades on the subject of making my name in any way central. »

To turn away from the glory of God is the temptation of any human heart – a temptation inherited from sin. What differentiates us from the spirit of pride is the desire to resist the temptation to seek for self-glory… the longing to die to ourselves and to want only Christ’s glory. Ivo Sasek’s surrealist claim to be the leader of the world body of Christ only goes to show how far he has let himself be seduced in the secrecy of his heart. It is in the paragraph entitled« epilogue for slanderers » that he really goes over the line, and the ideas expounded are sinister and foreboding. Employing tactics normally used by gurus and self-anointed leaders, Ivo Sasek threatens his critics with CURSES. *

« Listen and be amazed : Whoever criticizes me, or goes against me in any way whatsoever, can only be forgiven if I myself ask it. God will accept only me and my intercession in this situation, because He doesn’t want to do anything bad or shameful to the offender. AS SOON AS I DEMAND IT, there will be no further direct access to the throne for all that concerns this subject. I am not talking here about the ordinary sins of the offender, but only of those sins concerning myself and the ministry. The one who rejects me has also rejected Christ. THE ONE WHO DOES NOT ACCEPT ME and accept what I preach will slowly dwindle away. WHOEVER UNJUSTLY INTERFERES WITH MY MESSAGE, OR WHO CASTS DOUBT ON THE FACT THAT I AM THE MESSENGER, WILL INCUR EXCLUSION FROM WHICH HE CAN ONLY BE FREED THROUGH TOTAL SUBMISSION TO ME AND TO MY WORDS. I can fully understand that you do not like to hear this, but that’s the way it is. God’s will is to elevate my name in this situation, and only my name. Those who truly follow God will recognize His voice. No-one who belongs to God can reject these words. All those who belong to God will love me, will listen to my voice and will follow me » as the Lord ». Don’t think that I’m being vindictive. I am saying all these things in order to save those who slander me, as well as those that they lead astray. So long as there is sincere and honest repentance, I shall forgive and re-integrate all those who have sinned against me and my teaching. THESE WORDS ARE NOT MY WORDS. It is Christ in me who is accomplishing these works. Whoever rejects me is not rejecting me, but He who is working through me. All those who have read and heard my words and who have seen my works, MUST PUBLICLY STAND UP FOR ME BEFORE MEN, OTHERWISE JESUS CHRIST WILL NOT UPHOLD THEM BEFORE GOD and His holy angels. I am not the one excluding those who reject my words, my work and my person. The refusal to listen, and the unwarranted words that are spoken, will become a curse to them. However, for all those who refute me and my words, I am the only way back from exclusion. MY INTENTION IS ONLY TO BLESS, NOT TO CURSE. Whoever refuses this blessing puts a curse on himself. All those who do not make a public stand for me and my message by turning against all those who criticize me, will remain in bondage to a false gospel. The message and the works that I bring are for the whole body of Christ. This is « the » present-day movement for the whole body. Only those who clearly commit their loyalty to this ministry can be a part of it.  »

This long and very dense statement cannot possibly leave indifferent those who call themselves Christ’s disciples. Apart from Jesus Himself, we can see no other person in the Bible who used such phraseology. Through a meander of innuendos and insinuations, the contents of the newsletter draws the reader in to the centre of all things, including the supreme central authority, which is : Ivo Sasek. There is a reference to John the Baptist, but the words used are more messianic or Christ like. He uses the same expressions as Christ and
He speaks like Christ. The more or less conscious choice open to the hearer (or member) is very simple : to accept all Ivo Sasek’s teachings… or to die and lose ones salvation. Yet again, we see that common sense can be dissolved into mysticism.
As far as Ivo Sasek is concerned, those that oppose him are in grave danger. Perhaps, very soon, this diatribe may degenerate one stage further into accusations of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

The object of this article is not to condemn a man who, despite being seduced by the wiles of the enemy, is nevertheless seeking to serve God. Any one of us could fall into the same trap. My only aim is to offer an objective and peaceful clarification of the situation, based on God’s Word. Ivo Sasek was personally contacted and invited to answer the various questions raised in the newsletter, but he declined to reply.

It is important to demonstrate that we can, and should, dare to challenge men and statements, whoever or whatever they may be…even those claiming to speak in the name of God Himself and proffering terrible threats of heavenly retribution against initiatives such as this article. But the Lord knows each one of us and He is full of grace and patience. We can trust in His justice. He encourages us not to believe all spirits, but to take the time to confront what we hear with His Word and to refer freely with brothers and sisters who are strong in the Lord. God never boxes anyone in, and the truth needs no boundaries.

This warning is an appeal for prayer for the deliverance of this ministry, so that God’s work today can prosper and continue to free men’s hearts. This particular example shows us that none of us is exempt from falling too. The enemy is waging a merciless war against God’s Work and against the witness of Christ. He knows that the end is more important than the beginning, and he is constantly scheming to divert away from the Lord the glory and honour that naturally belong to Him.

God gives each of us time to withdraw from our blindness and return to Him. He does not withhold His Grace from us. He does not abandon His lost and conceited sheep, and we can see in the story of Jonah how the Lord never abandoned his lost servant, despite his rebellion.
It is vital, therefore, that we confront such statements and not leave them unchallenged. Our reaction must be to bring a word of blessing, but also to bring a warning.
« Before honour comes humility «  ( Proverbs 15:33 )
« Pride goes before destruction » ( Proverbs 16:18 )

Jérôme Prekel

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-Other quotations in the same vein.
* « I cast a curse on any man or woman who dares to say a word of criticism against this anointing! I curse all those who dare to say a word against my ministry » ( Benny Hinn, Denver Crusade, 17th Sept 1999 ). And yet the Word of God encourages us to « bless and curse not » (Romans 12:14 )

« The time is coming when my words will become law, because the whole world is in my hand ». Young Myung Moon

-Footnote from the website « Source de Vie » (www.sourcedevie.com)
This grave reminder about Ivo Sasek must also serve as a warning to each one of us to be on guard for ourselves, because such a fate can befall anyone who becomes too isolated. It is vital to realize that when pride leads to a fall, it is always because the Christian has cut himself off. He doesn’t realize that he is living in his own little world and is shutting others out. He no longer accepts one-to-one relationships, and relationships within the body or the community. He speaks to others, often in the Spirit of the Lord ( at least at first ), in order to show others to what extent they are living in the flesh, but he hardly ever accepts other people’s criticisms or reproofs concerning himself. At this point, pride grows unchecked because there are no boundaries. A vital safety net for the Christian is to experience humiliation in the genuine relationships between members of the Body of Christ. Open, transparent communication, motivated by the truth ( Jesus within us, revealed by the Holy Spirit ) not only for others, but also for ourselves, even, ( and especially ), when this truth is uncomfortable. This is the best antidote to mysticism.

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